Asking these parents for my girlfriend’s hand

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In this step, it is assumed that you have already spoken with your partner about your future together and that you both agree that you want to get married someday (or it may be that you have already planned the wedding). In each of these situations, you are ready to propose to your girlfriend very soon but you are still not sure if you should propose to your girlfriend’s parents or how you should do it…

    First stage

    • The first thing you should do is check with your girlfriend when they talk about marriage and ask her what his parents think , if they told her anything about it and find out how their marriage went. Assess how much they see themselves as traditional and how their culture and their religion are managed, in this case so that you respect it by making the effort to make it their way so that they see how much this step means to you.


    • Then consider the relationship of trust between you and his parents . If they have known each other for years, it will surely be easier for you, but do not let it go unnoticed, show them that you are really and seriously the man who decided to marry their daughter. If they don’t know each other yet or have only seen each other a few times, try to meet them earlier to get to know them better and don’t fall in love with them with this news.


    • Talk to their parent or primary guardian, because the word parent can be a bit confusing, by that we mean the person who raised her and spent most of her time there. She’s probably talked to you over a thousand times and he or she just wants you to be happy.


    • When you go talk to them, ask for their agreement to marry their daughter, not their permission (as some think) and plan your lyrics well before doing it
      Ask the in-laws

      Here are some tips for your proposal

      Don't do it over the phone or text, be as formal as possible and do it face-to-face

      So they can both see their reaction and true feelings in their eyes.

      Arrange a comfortable meeting place for your girlfriend's parents

      Choose a place they usually frequent to release a little tension of the moment and prevent your girlfriend from passing by and finding them

      Let them know in advance that you would like to meet with them to discuss something very important to you

      Ask them not to tell your girlfriend.

      Try it with a friend, a mirror, your parents, or write it down on a piece of paper to really know what you're going to say.

      Start by expressing how you feel about your daughter, how she makes you a better person, and what you think complements her. Second, tell them about your future together, the plans you have (without wanting to stand out or exaggerate) or how you will take care of your precious treasure. And finally, ask him verbatim IF YOU HAVE HIS APPROVAL TO GET MARRIED (first and last name of your future fiancée)

      Try to express your confidence in the question and your seriousness about it, then, depending on his reaction, let go.

      If they catch you laughing and joking about “sure,” then release yourself and thank them very much for their words. If they take you seriously but with a YES, go ahead and give them a hug or a handshake depending on your level of trust. And if their answer is NO or disagree for some reason, listen carefully to their words, find out why, and speak again according to your intentions. If their answer is still no, don’t overdo it and thank them for their time anyway. Analyze the response and if you think you can continue, go ahead!

      Prepare for future questions, when is the proposal, what will they do for the wedding and so on.

      Limit the proposal to the respondent if you already know and tell him the truth, if he still does not know, he will inform him soon together.

      Inform your other relatives, in case there is more than one that they see you as their daughter, also tell them that you proposed to their father and that you wanted him to know before officially proposing the wedding.

      They will feel special and you, the new ones, will also thank you in the future. If you want to be present at this time, it is a very good opportunity to invite them.

      If you could record this moment that would be great!

      Of course, it will depend on how they and you feel in front of the camera, how modern they are or if they are more reserved, better to let it go and keep it in mind. But if you think they would, don’t forget to ask before you start if they’re available (you tell them it’s to keep as a souvenir for your girlfriend when the time comes, that it’s something intimate and if they like it, it might be published later).

      Don't leave your parents behind.

      They are also important to you and should be part of your happiness. Take a day to sit down with them and tell them you’re getting married and when you’ll be proposing to your girlfriend. Once you’ve taken this step, you’ll feel more confident and satisfied with what you’ve accomplished. It’s a very effective gesture to show your formality before the fact and you’ll bond even stronger with your new family.

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      I wish you good luck and congratulations if you have already done it!

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