How to ask a man to marry

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You are a woman and you feel that you have the right and the power to surprise your partner with this detail as well. If you’ve ever talked about getting married, you both agree that you’re ready and just need someone to take the big step! So yes, it can be you.

But BE CAREFUL, asking your boyfriend to marry you, even if you are sure of his answer, cannot be the same as asking a woman. You must know your partner, know his tastes and be able to surprise him at the right time.

Here are some ideas that can help you.

1. Propose marriage at a dinner party

Since it is not yet so normal for women to be daring and brave to make this type of proposal, proposing during a romantic dinner at home or in a restaurant would be a better option.

Something intimate, in which you prepare a surprise gift and inside his favorite dessert with the question

Compose a movie especially for him at home with personalized objects

Marriage proposal in Paris
video marriage proposal

2. Propose marriage with a game

Most men are more childish, so you’ll capture her heart if you step into her world and propose to her in her style. Like this proposal for a GAMER

gamer2 marriage proposal

3. Marriage proposal with the help of your pet

You have the support of man’s best friend, his dog or pet who will help you ask the question.

4. Ask with their favorite sport

This is the best time to surprise him in his best frame of mind and surprise him when his favorite team wins!

Throw the ball towards him when they score and he will be emotionally happy and realize there is something strange in the ball and when he sees it…BOOM!

Marriage proposal on a soccer field

5. LE LOUVRE (just in front of the museum the marriage proposals are incredible)

This place is so magical, the architecture has it all ask for information about this hotel here: Click here

Hotel Shangri La in Paris

Should I also kneel down to ask for her hand?

It depends on how your partner is and what you want to achieve of course! If he’s a bit of a joke and you don’t mind laughing right now, then go for it, because ultimately the point is to enjoy the moment. But if you want to take the matter more seriously, you can always do it for the formality it deserves if you know he’ll appreciate the detail. And if nothing happens, most of these proposals are made in private and undocumented due to some male machismo, so don’t worry and do what your heart tells you. Hang in there ! You have nothing to lose, if he is the man of your life they will spend the rest of their lives together one way or another.

So find out yourself with everything you need to take into account to surprise your partner: how to make an original marriage proposal, tips and essential details

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