How to measure my girlfriend’s ring size without her knowing

How to measure my girlfriend's ring size without her knowing...

We know it’s not easy to find out your girlfriend’s ring size without asking her directly, but if what you want is to give her a real surprise, including that part, then here are some tips one of which will surely help you.

1. Always ask your mom, sister or best friends first.

Save yourself the trouble they may know, but don’t send to find out or ask them because it can make the move look suspicious.

2. If your girlfriend regularly wears a ring, wait until she takes it off to surreptitiously take the measurement in one of the following ways:

  • Mark the ring size on a bar of soap.

Place it on the soap and trace the ring in it so that the shape is well marked.

* Remember that the ring she wears must be of the questionable ring type, because the other fingers have different measurements.

Make an imprint of the ring in the soap
  • Take a pencil and paper and trace the arc of her ring inside and out.

Then take this drawing to a jeweler to help you calculate the measurement.

  • Print a sheet with ring sizes.

Compare the different rings to see which suits her best.

  • Place the ring on a coin.

Although not as effective a method, it is something you can more easily hide in a pocket and if you have a photographic memory for what diameter is left relative to the coin, you can use this technique.

  • Measure the diameter of the ring with a ruler.

Look for a calculator if you buy it from an online store.

  • Make a joke about the size of her fingers and take her ring to see which finger fits you.

So by teasing her little or big fingers, she’ll think it’s just a joke.

  • If she has several rings of the same size and you think her mother or sister may borrow one for a few days without her noticing.

You can take it to the jewelry store for them to take the size.

3. If she’s not using a ring, it can be a bit trickier, but the search can also be more fun with one of the following activities:

  • With a beer bottle cap.

Of those that have earrings or some other item like key rings, toy ring, sweetness ring or something you can measure hiding that you are proposing marriage just joking to see how it would be .

  • Buy yourself one bottle opener and wear it on your ring finger.

One day, ask him to open the bottle by insinuating that from this finger, you have more strength to see what it looks like. Or if she likes to drink beer you could give her one, make your annotations of the measurement visually (having measured it well before giving it to her clearly)

Technique for finger size with bottle opener
  • Make a game where you have to tie a thread to his finger.

Or if she is a very deep sleeper, tie her while she sleeps on the same ring finger without removing the knot to save measurement.

Example that you can find in commerce: Reusable ring sizer

adjustable ring

4. If you don’t want to interfere so he/she doesn’t notice ANYTHING, see some other things you can do below:

  • Ask help a magician

They are experts at making things appear and disappear. For example, if she wears a ring that makes her disappear with a quick measurement or if she doesn’t use a surprise ring (they always use a ring that you can ask to be adjustable to find out the size).

  • If you can sign up for a craft activity which will capture your hand for a sculpture.

Tell the professor about your surprise and tell him to keep the sculpture for you.

Example that you can find in commerce: Molding kit

hand mold
  • You can also ask a kid who she usually plays with to help her create shapes with clay, teach her how to make a ring and ask her to make it for her.

While you then joke around putting the ring on to see how it looks on you.

  • Making his mother or another loved one (close) gives her a fashionable ring for his birthday and for that they take him to buy it.

This way, she herself will choose the size she needs and this secret accomplice will tell you.

  • Before proposing marriage, you can give a promised ring and ask for its size.

You must make them understand that they still have little time and that they are not prepared, but always thinking that in the future this information will be very useful to you!

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