3D letters

3D letters


Américain Dollar (USD)

Pop the question with giant letters that light up just at the moment of surprise and light up their eyes with love.

Included :
  • The rent
  • The installation
  • The delivery
  • The collection of letters
Certain conditions apply:
  • You must have a reserved and/or private place to deposit the letters
  • You must have a plan B in case of rain, because the letters can’t get wet
  • You must have a staff that monitors the letters and moves them if necessary
  • Must have an outlet and extension cords if necessary available
Additional fees apply for :
  • Transportation outside the selected location
  • Time of delivery and/or collection before 10am or after 10pm

Rental time: maximum 12 hours.

All our decoration rentals are available upon request. Fill out the quote form below to access the appointment booking.


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